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Friday, April 19, 2013

All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) Boycotts Collection of illegal Entry Tax by Goa Government.

In a new development against the illegal levy of Entry Tax by Govt. of Goa on all Non Goa registered vehicles, AIMTC president Mr. Bal Malkit Singh has issued circular to all its Managing Committees , District Level Associations & all its members for boycotting and not sending their vehicles to State of Goa. 

In his letter Mr. Bal also mentioned that Transporters from the market of Belgaum of Karnataka & Kohlapur of Maharashtra have decided against sending their vehicles to Goa as the talks between them and the Govt. failed on the decision to roll back of entry tax.

Govt. of Goa is charging Entry Tax of Rs.1000/- per trip. Few Transporters who ply their vehicles in and out of Goa on regular basis are coughing up money as high as Rs.30000/- per month.

Referring the Entry Tax as menace,  Mr. Bal in his circular added that the similar boycott will be initiated against other states which levy entry tax.

Increasing "Fuel" prices and decreasing "Freight" has already taken its toll on the transporters. CV sales have seen the sharpest decline since 2008 with M&HCV sales dropping 24% in FY(12-13).

Below is the circular issued by AIMTC:- 

AIMTC Boycotting Goa Entry Tax Circular


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