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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Commercial vehicles in Maharashtra to stop plying from July 17


PUNE: All commercial vehicles in the state, including about 20,000 from Pune, will stop plying from July 17 to protest against the mandatory installation of speed governors.
As many as 5,000 such vehicles in the state, including school buses, tempos, dumpers and tankers ferrying essentials such as milk, vegetables, diesel and petrol have currently stopped plying as they have been deemed ineligible for the fitness certificate given by theRegional Transport Officer (RTO) as they have not installed speed governors, said members of the Maharashtra Rajya Truck, Tempo, Tankers Bus Vahatuk Mahasangh and Poona District Motor Goods Transport Association at a news conference on Saturday.

Ram Kadam, president of the association, said that once speed governors were installed in heavy goods vehicles in the state, they will be at a disadvantage compared to those from neighbouring states. "Speed governors will cut the average speed by 50%, which would make these vehicles to ply at approximately 50 km/ hour instead of the usual 70-80 km/hour. This will increase the time to deliver perishable goods such as milk and vegetables, thus leading to losses," said Kadam, adding that all vehicles including school buses, tempos, dumpers and tankers ferrying essentials will participate in the indefinite stir from July 17, by not plying till the decision to install speed governors is withdrawn.

Prakash Gavali, president, Maharashtra Rajya Truck, Tempo, Tankers Bus Vahatuk Mahasangh, added that speed governors would restrict heavy goods vehicles from plying on ghat sections because the gadget mitigated the average of a vehicle considerably. "Limiting the speed will also increase diesel consumption. Essential commodities that these vehicles ferry are delivered across India. If vehicles from Maharashtra are slowed down due to speed governors, then they would be at a disadvantage in comparison to commercial vehicles from other states as the latter will deliver goods faster and in time. Gradually, clients will shift to non-Maharashtra trucks throwing the latter out of business," said Kadam.

Gavali said, "The trucks registered in other states carry essential items, goods, medicines and material required for infrastructural needs to Maharashtra. Also, they move raw material for the industries in Maharashtra and finished goods from here to other parts of the country. If vehicles from other states are not allowed to enter Maharashtra because they have not installed speed governors, then a major chunk of essential commodities will not reach us, leading to price hike."

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